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Access auth0 from behind a firewall


Hi all! This isn’t a bug report but a newbie question, apologies if it’s the wrong forum.

I’m setting up a SPA + API with the free version of auth0. Suppose I don’t have any Rules or Hooks or even a custom database – just the most basic hosted setup.
When deployed, both the API and the SPA may be installed on (same or different) PCs that are behind a pretty stringent firewall, blocking everything that’s not specifically whitelisted. My question is: can I rely on simply whitelisting in this situation? Is there a public list of IPs to whitelist (not for Rules, but for simple login)?
Or is that something that only comes with a premium auth0 account (which level)?

Thank you!


If I understand your question correctly, you would just need to whitelist in your firewall your tenant