Authorize client fails due to redirect_uri not have a registered origin - but is configured so

Hi, I’m trying to use the react SPA SDK to authorize people.
Yesterday I managed to sign myself up so it feels like the configuration is done correctly. However late the same day and also still today. The authorize client requests fails with a status 400, and in the reponse I get an html page, wich contains the following statement:

<p class="error-status">
  <strong>invalid_request</strong>: The specified redirect_uri &#39;http://localhost:8080/act/&#39; does not have a registered origin.

I ofc did add the url in the application configuration liek so:

It is also added in the fields: Allowed Callback URLs and Allowed Logout URLs

This is what the failing request looks like:

Evidence that it was working yesterday:

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Allowed Web Origins should only contain URLs with schema, domain and port, no other paths. So, only http://localhost:8080

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: this helped. Doesn’t explain how I managed to to signup and login a few times though :thinking:


No idea without tracing past logs. As long as it’s working now :slight_smile:

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