Authorization extension upgrade


i’m using version 2.6 of Authorization extension and we got email that we need to upgrade to latest relates due to some important bug fixes.

i see the last release is 2.7.
the thing is, as per the explanation on how to do the upgrade we should view the extensions and on the installed one such as the authorization extension we should see an option to upgrade it.
but i dont see such option… only to edit it or delete.

any idea how we can upgrade it?
also, how can we know if there is any risk on this upgrade, or if we can do that in production without any planned maintenance?


Hi @levichen24,

I suspect 2.7 hasn’t actually been rolled out to (all) the tenants yet. I still see only 2.6 in my tenants, and 2.7 was released only two days ago. Once it becomes available there should be an upgrade link on the “Installed Extensions” page.

I would definitely suggest testing the upgrade in a non-prod tenant if you can. The upgrades are usually quick and free of any issues / side effects, but I’d want to be extra cautious with the authz extension since it can break a lot of stuff if you use it extensively.


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Yep totally backing up what @markd said!