Availability of authorization extension with samesite cookie restriction support

Is v2.7 of the extension available in all regions?

According to Changelog version 2.7 includes support to work under SameSite cookie restrictions and was supposedly released on January 30th.

Yet, when I navigate to extensions tab I only see version 2.6 available. My tenants are all EU based.


Hey there @adaneu!

Let me reach out to responsible product manager to know more about that!


Just wanted to advise that my tenants are in the US region and I don’t see an option to update from 2.6->2.7 either.

Hey there @emorrow and @adaneu!

Can you send me your tenant names via private message here so I can inspect what potentially is going wrong behind the scenes. Thank you!

Closing this one as it seems more like a personal scenario. It should be working now for all tenants and regions. It must have been a temporary problem