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Authorization Extension GET request to /users/{user_id} returns 500 internal server error



… whilst/users and /users/{user_id}/roles work fine.

No clue in the response as to what the problem is, support never responded to my request.


Hi there @paulrenshaw, I apologize for the delay in response. When you get a chance can you snag me your tenant name and a HAR file and DM it over to me so I can take a deeper look at what is going on during the workflow. Any additional details is appreciated it. Thanks!


I wanted to follow up with you @paulrenshaw and see if we could get a more current HAR file capture. When investigating the current set it appears to be dated back to November 2018. Thanks in advance!


@James.Morrison The HAR and log files I sent clearly show the requests were made on 7th Jan 2019, the day I sent them to you. Why would I send logs from before I even came across the issue?


I apologize for the confusion, I’ll give it another look with our team.


Hey @paulrenshaw, I wanted to let you know I just sent over a direct message. When you get a free minute can you give it a look? Thanks!