Authentication via LDAP and accessing application API's using the access token


I am hoping for some guidance regarding whether its possible to have my users authenticate via active directory and then query my application API’s. I have successfully configured the LDAP connectors after setting up a VM with active directory in MS Azure. So far so good.

I can successfully authenticate with my active directory users and i receive back an access_token, id_token etc. to my callback URL.

This is where the problem starts. Using the access_token provided, when trying to call my application API’s i get an error 401 - un authorized. If i disable the LDAP connector on my application and login with users created within the auth0 environment, i can successfully access my application API’s using the access_token. I have configured my application startup classe as per the examples and the various nuget packages to support auth0, OWIN and JWT.

Is there an example or can someone kindly advise if what im trying to do is possible. I hope so.

Thanks ever so much.


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