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Authentication mechanism using Auth0 for Windows 10 Xaml online and offline support

Hi i want to develop an windows 10 uwp application using Auth0. my appliation will have different roles Admin, Sales Manger’s and sales executives. i want to build authentication for the application. our app is supporting online and offline support. event with out internet the app should work. sales representative visit the customer home and explain about products. can some one explain how we can achieve. also we have 5000 sales persons. will it be able to configure.

also i want to create permissions for the users. because if any sales executive if we remove from the organisation the app should not login and should not work.

Hey there @adijeevansagar.atp!

It’s almost all doable in terms of the features you described. The only thing we do not ensure is offline mode as Internet access is the key factor here to security.

If you can go for that, I’ll be able to share more engineering tips to it! Let me know!

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