UWP "you'll need a new app.." error

Using the UWP sample app as-is I am getting “forbidden” error.
Populating appUri (ms-app//…) to “redirectUri” fixes this issue (code snipped below) and I am able to log in to my google account using the Auth0 login screen.

Problem is that after the login screen disappears, I am not returned to the app. Instead, a Windows App Store prompt is displayed with the message “You’ll need a new app…”.

Please help.

string appUri = Windows.Security.Authentication.Web.WebAuthenticationBroker.GetCurrentApplicationCallbackUri().ToString();

        Auth0Client client = new Auth0Client(new Auth0ClientOptions
            Domain = domain,
            ClientId = clientId,
            RedirectUri = appUri


Looks like Auth0.OidcClient.UWP v3.1.0 is broken
Works in 2.40
Others can replicate

Can someone from Auth0 please have a look?


Hey there!

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Thank you a lot for reporting that. Can you share here the link to the quickstart you used? Thank you!

Thank you @dejannk for reporting it!

Indeed it seems like there’s a problem with higher version. The additional problem we have here is that repo is not Auth0 maintained but it’s maintained by community developer volunteers so let’s say it’s not that actively being worked on. Can I ask you to open a GitHub issue in that repo explaining the same things as here so I can pass it to our DX-SDKs team so they can potentially look at it and implement a fix? Thank you!

Can you please post a URL?

Here’s the link to the quickstart repo:

Once you open a GitHub issue make sure to share it in this thread. Thank you!

Sorry, I’m confused. This is where I logged the issue in the first place.
I thought you wanted me to log it somewhere else as well?

This is the gitHub issue I logged a few days ago:

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Thank you. As I’ve said the repo is community not Auth0 maintained but our devs sometimes take a look at it when the bandwidth allows to do so. I will ping my friend and see if he can give it a glimpse!

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The UWP Sample has now been updated to Auth0.OidcClient.UWP v3.1 and tested okay here.

Thanks for the headsup @DamienG!