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Auth0Sample User-Sessions failing simple user flow

I’m having a real issue trying to get a normal workflow working with this sample code. (obj-c and swift)

running the app ONCE does what it should, however when “logout” button is tapped. it’s NOT logged out.

the next time “showLoginWithScope” is called, a login is NOT shown, the previous user is just logged in.

this is NEVER the appropriate session path.

I originally just put the code in my app, and I saw this behavior, (i wasn’t using the keychain at all), I’m testing sign-in, so i wasn’t remembering anything code-wise at that point.

So I fired up the sample app, and it has the same glaring bug.

In Auth0Sample / User-sessions, I put a [keychain clearAll]; immediately before [auth showLoginWithScope…]; thinking it’s holding on to something, but that didn’t work.

but to the point: in 100% of all apps… if you log-out from something, and you go to sign in, you are presented with a login ux.

how do I get [auth showLoginWithScope…] to always, you know, SHOW A LOGIN

there seems to be a lot of assumptions here that aren’t documented.