Auth0Lock or Auth0 must be available constructorName

I follow “AngularJS Authentication: Secure Your App With Auth0” tutorial.
I got that Error “Auth0Lock or Auth0 must be available constructorName”,
where i call init function with authProvider variable inside angular config method.
It seems i need to pass a ctr_variable from the server side to the client side or call ‘require’ in the client side, is it make sense?
Inside the tutorial the author didn’t add ctr_variable.
If yes, how i export it from my server.js?

Versions: angularjs/1.6.5 lock/9.2.2 auth-angular/4.2.7

Ideally a link to a trimmed down sample application that reproduces the issue would be the best for troubleshooting. Based on the information provided, if you haven’t done so already you should check this question/answers in SO as it seems related.