Auth0 10 Lock Not Hiding

My problems started since Passworless Legacy Auth was taken off from Auth0.

Now We are Integrating, Auth0 Lock10 with AngularJS1.x,
Have followed all the steps, Issue I am having is
**Auth0Lock is Not Hiding after Login, i have the option autoclose: true,

Auth0-Angular Also has a issues
lock.interceptHash = function() { … }
has var hash = $location.hash();, but this has value is always an empty string,
hence I had to have my own implemention.

Can you please provide the specific versions of Lock and angular-lock you are using. Can you please also update your question with a code sample for your Lock initialisation.

Below are the details of the implmentation
angular-lock - V2.0.2
“auth0-js”: “^8.4.0”
“auth0-lock” : “version”: “10.18.0”,

//Step1.Initialization Code
app.config(function (lockProvider) {
  // Initialization for the angular-auth0 library
        clientID: AUTH0_CLIENT_ID,
        domain: AUTH0_DOMAIN,
        options: {
          _idTokenVerification: false,
            autoclose: true,
              allowedConnections: 'facebook', 'linkedin']
        auth: {
          responseType: 'token',
          redirect: false,
//Step2,authService) {  
  // For use with UI Router
  console.log("intervice and onAutheticated called")
//Step3 - Auth Service
//incertpedHash function is derived from Angular-Lock.js as , .hash() function 
//was not working there., we derive the params
interceptHash: function() {
            if (typeof auth0.WebAuth !== 'function') {
                throw new Error('Auth0.js version 8 or higher must be loaded');
            $rootScope.$on('$locationChangeStart', function(event, location) {
                if (/id_token=/.test(location) || /error=/.test(location)) {
                    //this is a klugde to get the id_token out of the location
                    var p1 = $location.path().substring(1)
                    var url_string=""+p1
                    var url = new URL(url_string);
                    var idToken = url.searchParams.get("id_token");  
                    var auth0AccessToken = url.searchParams.get("access_token");  
                    var authResult = {
                        id_token: idToken,
                        access_token : auth0AccessToken
                    lock.emit('authenticated', authResult);
//step4 - invokePostLockToken
function invokePostLockTokenLogin(idToken,auth0AccessToken){
        localStorage.setItem(byConstants.ID_TOKEN, idToken);
        lock.getUserInfo(auth0AccessToken, function(error, profile) {
            if (!error) {
                var authData = {
                    token : idToken,
                    profileData : profile
                $rootScope.$broadcast('event:auth0ProfileSet', authData);

//so even after successful login , Login Lock stays ethere


Was able to figure out the issues, after redirect, it again calls the login, where I was doing, added a check to see if the access_token is recieved, in that case do not call the again