Auth0 sdk WebAuthProvider.Builder

Hi, I am using WebAuthProvider.Builder.start takes an instance of an Activity. Is there any chance you guys will take in consideration to change the signature to take a Context object instead in the next release ?


Hey there @emanuele.gringeri!

Thanks for the feedback. Can you tell us more why you want it to be like that so we can understand your reasoning? For future reference if you want to suggest any product improvements feedback I suggest using our feedback website (so that our product team can easily grab that and potentially put into product roadmap):

Thanks a lot!

Hi , thanks for your reply. On Android an Activity is a Context's subclass (an activity is a context but not all context are activity - eg ApplicationContext). ApplicationContext can be used to call startActivity ( with some limitations ), there is no need to force the user to pass an Activity context imo

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass it to our product team.