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Auth0 redirect doesn't work - Server Error (500) (via Django on Heroku)


I can’t get Auth0 to work…

Current setup:
Auth0 via Django, hosted on Heroku.
Already checked the settings file, folder structure and auth0 script, but couldn’t find any issues…

Algolia logs say login succeeded, so I assume something went wrong with the redirect. But even after adding Auth0 as an add-on to my Heroku machine (together with the settings variables), it still doesn’t work… after spending so much time on solving this issue, this starts to drive me nuts:(


Hi there @marcoEDU, when you get a chance can you snag us a HAR file of the broken workflow along with your tenant name and DM them over to me? This will allow us to take a deeper look at what may be occurring right now. Thanks in advance!

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