Auth0 react app in a subfolder

I’m working on a react app which uses the auth0 quickstart as a base (and am new to React). The app is in a folder in a site with wordpress at the root. It is hosted by a webhost. The “member” app should be totally separate from the rest of the site and the only part of the site with authentication. I have the react app on its own in localhost working.

When I use it on the webhost, I hit login and get the message
"unauthorized_client: Callback URL mismatch. is not in the list of allowed callback URLs”. It is in the list of allowed callbacks though.

I have tried to figure this out and have tried changing the following but then changed them back

  • using permutations of “homepage” in the react package.json,
  • using permutations of “basename” on the router,
  • changing the htaccess file in the site route (which is a very long file made by the webhost and it gets changed when wordpress or the version of php is updated)
  • changing the htaccess file in the member folder

Thanks in advance,