auth0 PKCE flow additional access tokens

I am working on a native app using Auth0Cordova. I have the login flow working using PKCE, redirecting to the hosted page on Auth0, and then having the app get the redirection. I can then access UserInfo and get the email address of the user successfully.

We have our APIs partitioned where I have 9 different audiences. In our desktop browser app, we get the access token for the given audience just in time by making a request to WebAuth.renewAuth()…

I am not looking to call oauth/token to get the access token. When I attempt to call it with the verifier and code given when I logged in, I get the result of a 403 invalid_grant.

Is there an example where I am logged in and I reach out to auth0 to get the access token for a given audience and set of scopes?

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