Auth0 Now Has Support for Voice as an MFA Factor!

Auth0 has launched VoiceMFA which allows end-users to choose to have their one-time code for MFA delivered via phone call in addition to an SMS. For more information, please refer to our docs.

Auth0 customers can begin using this feature right away.

If you have other features you would like to see, submit your ideas to our feedback page.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!


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I understand that if someone were to hack the email, the phone number would be compromised. However, what if the email is protected by 2FA as well, using an actual phone number? I understand that they could still get in but it’d be a bit of a hassle. Some services, when you enable 2FA with a phone number, will allow people to search for your phone number, or attempt to connect you with people in your contacts against your will which is why I’d rather use google voice. It’s better than nothing, despite being less secure than an actual phone number, I suppose. Some services also only let you use one phone number per account, even if you have multiple accounts which is annoying.

Hi @akiracaleb4,

I’m not sure this is the right place for your feedback. Voice MFA is not related to Google’s Voice service. Voice MFA exists for user’s who do not have access to SMS (like a landline), or have accessibility needs that require non-text based systems.

If you have a question, please open a new topic.

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Thanks for the information