Auth0 not sending emails to non gmail accounts

Hey everyone,

So in my app admins can invite users by email to join the app. I use the management API to create the user in auth0 and then the authentication API to send a password change request email. This workflow works for gmail accounts. However this is not working for non-gmail accounts. I have an outlook email that does not receive the emails. I do see a success log in auth0 logs “Success Change Password Request”.

I am using amazon ses to send the emails. DKIM and a mail from domain are setup properly. What is odd is when I go into the auth0 dashboard, find that user, and send a verification email, that email comes through properly.

Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you

Hi @llai,

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I would suggest checking your Outlook email quarantine.

Generally, if Auth0 logs indicate the email is being sent successfully, then the problem occurred downstream. It may also be helpful to look at the logs of your email provider to see if there is more info.

Thank you @dan.woda !

You were right it was downstream. I was missing a dmarc TXT record so I suppose the outlooks servers were blocking the email.

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