Auth0 logout without redirect

Is it possible to log out from Auth0 without redirects?

A complete guide on logout and options available in Auth0 for logout are described at the link below:

Could you please share a few more details of your use case for logout without redirects?

For my use case, I need a different logout URLs like /route/1, /route/2, /route3, etc…
I cannot specify pattern like /route/*. Of course, we can use fixed URL for logout and manage redirect within the app but if I have the ability to allow this URL in Auth0 setting it will not lead to additional layer on client side.

As you mentioned in the comments, you should have a fixed logout URL that then can handle any additional logic including further redirects. The logout from Auth0 is about removing the authenticated session established in Auth0 (which is based on cookies) so the most correct way to perform it is through a navigation which them implies a redirect in the case you want the end-user to get back to the application.