Auth0.js vs Auth0 Node

I am wondering if these libraries mutually exclusive or complementing each other?
my current application is using Auth0 Node. However I would like to take advantage of silent re-auth functionality Auth0.js WebAuth.checkSession() method offers. Is something like this is available in Auth0 Node client library? If no Should I replace one with the other or introduce a new dependency?
Thank you?

Hey @mpnovikova! Welcome to the community!

TL;DR: you could totally use these libraries together.

Strictly speaking, Auth0.js is a frontend library, while Auth0 Node SDK is intended for Node backends. When you implement Auth0.js, it allows you to take full advantage of our frontend flows and methods. These methods could call your Node backend, powered by Auth0 Node SDK (and they both play really well together).

There’s a pretty neat tutorial that goes over this setup: React app (with Auth0.js) + Express API (Auth0 Node SDK): Check it out, give it a shot, and let me know if you want to go over specific details!

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