How to integrate Auth0 for a web app, React front-end and Node backend separated?

I am building a dashboard which has two roles, customer and admin.

And I use Devias material UI theme kit pro for the dashboard front-end and run Node.js Express back-end server. (Devias Theme Kit 3.0 provides Auth0 authentication, unfortunately I am currently using version 2)

Node.js back-end server connected with MySQL database, so user information is from the database. I am going to integrate Auth0, but I have no idea which should be integrated with Auth0, React or Node. And I want to know how to implement.

Thank you.

Hey there!

Unfortunately we are not able to provide any guidance here as Devias Theme Kit is not a part of our stack that was developed by Auth0.

Thanks @konrad.sopala
You could remove Devias kit theme, I need to know only how to use Auth0 with React front-end and Node back-end separated.

I will encourage you then to check out our newest React SDK: (it uses Universal Login under the hood) on the Node side of things:

I think this might be a good choice for me.

Devias theme kit pro 2.0 auth is from localstorage session.
Except that, I could use auth0-spa-js

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Yep! That’s the guide using our newest React SDK.

Thanks for your help @konrad.sopala .

No worries! We’re here for you!

@david.yang Try this guide:

if you need any help, let me know!

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Thanks @gmwill934
I will follow the guide and let you know the result.


Sure! Let us know if you have any further questions!

Thanks, I was wondering how this could be done as well. Your solutions works.

Glad we were able to help!

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