Auth0 increase Inactivity Timeout

Hi there,

we recently discovered a major drawback for Auth0, namely the maximum inacitivity timeout of 3 days. This is a no-go for our use case, where our users open our web app about every 5 days.

We know that it’s possible to have a higher timeout with an enterprise plan. Currently, for our 1000 users we pay 23$/month in the B2C - ESSENTIALS plan. If we’d switch to an enterprise plan, we would pay 1020$/month for the same user count. We can’t really justify paying 50-times more for a single feature.

Do we have to switch to another auth provider, or is there another way?


Hi @dapaul,

Thanks for taking the time to communicate your needs.

There isn’t a way to get around the subscription limits. You can talk to our sales team to discuss your needs and see what works for you, but that’s all I can recommend in regards to pricing questions. We typically handle technical and admin issues here in the forum and have no control over pricing.