Auth0 in Office Add-in: My users need to log in frequently


I’m having an issue with users having to log in quite often into our Office Add-in for Outlook. From what I can tell, my options are limited:

  1. Refresh tokens are not allowed due to the browser context
  2. Doing silent auth seems like it’s not working that well

Does anyone have any idea for this? Would it help to use Microsoft social login? Why does the session terminate so frequently (disabling silent auth)? What decides if the session is terminated at all?

I’m happy to read any relevant material - I’m just not sure where to look. So please reference any material that can be helpful.


I got this answer from my thread on Stack Overflow:

If Azure active directory is your Auth provider/ gating access to your API and the user is an O365 user then you can use Single Sign on for office. The capability is currently in preview and will be released soon.

You still need to implement oAuth flow if your add-in is going to be used on outlook mobile or exchange on-prem. In that case after the user complete the oatuh flow. You need to keep a mapping of the exchange identity token and access/ refresh token on your end.

The article linked above explains that as well.

I’m not sure what to make of that. The answer mentions Azure active directory, which I know nothing about. I’d just like to use Auth0.

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