Auth0 guard not populating user


I previously posted an issue regarding the use of the auth0 guard for our laravel api. See Basic Auth0 auth guard not working in Laravel.

Apologies for the late response.

We’ve upgraded to auth0/login ^7 and we’re encountering issues as per previous post.

The Bearer token is being included in the request. The authentication was working until we upgraded to the latest version of auth0 as per original post. The auth0 guard appears to be being hit by the incoming requests. I say this because when I log the $guards var of the authenticate method of the Illuminate\Auth\Middleware\Authenticate class it contains the auth0 value. This then leads to GuardAbstract.php check > hasUser method of the auth0 GuardAbstract.php file. The method returns false obviously meaning that the user is not being populated. So we have a bearer token being sent, the auth0 guard being triggered yet no user being populated as evidenced by the hasUser method in auth0 GuardAbstract.php. I’m out of ideas tbh. Any ideas would be appreciated.