Auth0 authorize endpoint not calling back callback URL the very first time oauth is used

Hi, for a user already authenticated via Auth0 in a web app, the very first time we try to authenticate the user again via Auth0 for a different component of our web app, an Auth0 prompt asks the user for their credentials, even if the user is already authenticated with Auth0 and has a valid session. This happens only the first time the user tries to access that component.

All subsequent times, Auth0 retains the session and does not prompt the user for their credentials again. Which is the behavior we want.

By the looks of it, the very first the user accesses our component, the Auth0 /authorize endpoint redirects to Location: /u/login/?state=..... and not to Location: <our oauth callback URL>?code=....

How can we make Auth0 redirect to our component’s oauth callback URL the very first time the user logs in, too? The prompt asking the user for credentials again is an unnecessary step since the user already has an active session and is authenticated with Auth0 in a previous web app entry point.

Here is the difference in response we get from /authorize. On the left, we have the behavior we want. On the right, we have what happens the very first time an oauth login is carried out. In the latter case Auth0 does not call back out callback URL, but makes the user authenticate again with Auth0:

Thank you.


Update: In testing, if the user does not enter anything in the credentials prompt, but s/he just refreshes the component, then the correct callback URL is called and the user is authenticated!

This once again proves that the step is totally unnecessary, as the user only needs to refresh the component (without entering any credentials in the auth0 prompt) and the callback URL is called by auth0 instead of prompting for credentials.