Auth0 as SAML 2.0 SP for a tomcat 8 applications

were currently seeking for an Service Provicer alternative solution for shibboleth, which authenticates tomcat applications via SSO, like this:
Basically Apache listens for requests, and if authentication is succsessful, the user is logged in to the tomcat application using the AJP protocol (mod_proxy and mod_proxy_ajp ).
Is there a similar solution to use auth0 as an Service Provider?
Is this the only solution
If Yes, has someone got a working config for mod_auth_openidc and ajp connectivity?
If the tomcat is active active cluster, meaning that there are 2 sets of apache and tomcat identical setups, how does auth0 service provider know the difference and can provide the authentication for both? Also - can it monitor the apache if one of the cluster nodes dies?