Programmatically implement Auth0 as Idp and Aws as Service provider (Aws connect)

First, I am sorry if there is already a question about this.
I am currently use Auth0 as an Idp to SSO to AWS Connect as an service provider. I can setup by using Auth0 portal following the step that Auth0 said and successfully logged in to aws connect instance. Unfortunately, we need to do it programmatically. The situation is I login to my website via Auth0 by using lock api, after that it redirect me to my webpage but the plugin that use aws service cannot be used (the dial number pad of aws connect does not show up). Following the document, I saw there are many steps, one of them is to post saml response from auth0 to aws, but I cannot find any document that tell how to get that saml document and any steps to what to do after that. Could you please help or know any document that déscribe steps to do this from the beginning programmatically?
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