Auth0 angular client keeps redirect to localhost and not host domain

I managed to implement Auth0 Angular quickstart to localhost.
When I’m trying to change the local host to a name domain It keeps to redirect to the localhost address.

I added the name domain to allowed callback URLs at the app settings but it didn’t works.

Any suggestions?


Hey there!

In order to handle that most effectively can I ask you to open an issue in the quickstart GitHub repo? This way we’ll be able to work on that directly with the repo maintainers. Please share with us the link here to the GitHub issue once you create it!

Hey @konrad.sopala

I opened a new issue at this link.

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Perfect! I’ll ping repo maintainers in a few minutes!

@konrad.sopala Is there any updates?

Repo maintainers will contact you as son as they start working on that.

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