Auth0 and Wikimedia


I have started my journey with Auth0 and i have come across a problem.

Im following this thread: How to use Autho for MediaWiki? - #2 by jmangelo

I have installed [PluggableAuth] [OpenID Connect PHP library] and followed the guide here Extension:OpenID Connect - MediaWiki

But when i attempt to login but i get a User cannot be authenticated. error. No error appears in the logs.

Many thanks.

Hey there!

Don’t have any experience with the stack you mentioned but maybe if you can share more context and details I can channel it through to appropriate team. Thank you!


Sorry about the lack of information on that.

You see I am creating a project, where once a user is logged into the site they can access the wiki without the need to sign in again.

Are you able to share any code snippets or steps to reproduce your bug?


I have decided to dump PHP and learn about vues/node

Thanks for your help in this thread and sorry to wasted your time

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No worries! We’re here for you, thanks for letting us know!