Auth0 and Google Auth integration - Error code = 7, Path = /v3/signin/_/AccountsSignInUi/data/batchexecute

We’ve integrated Google Auth with Auth0 in our React Native app. We came across a weird issue. Trying to log in using our test iOS app (TestFlight) we get a following issue:

There was an error during the transport or processing of this request. Error code = 7, Path = /v3/signin/_/AccountsSignInUi/data/batchexecute : Unknown HTTP error in underlying XHR (HTTP Status: 0) (XHR Error Code: 6) (XHR Error Message: ’ [0]')

I haven’t found anything about this error message in the documentation or forums. Is there somewhere a list of possible error messages with an explanation?

Some additional information: it works when testing on the simulator on MacOS. The issue doesn’t occur each time, sometimes I am able to log in. The Google app is still in testing mode, the accounts we are using to login are added as testers, however it doesn’t seem to matter, cause I was able to log in using another account not specified on the tester list. Perhaps it’s related to YouTube verification, cause I’ve noticed the issue occurs after trying to confirm the process using this method, SMS code worked, but I’m not able to use this method each time, cause it’s considered as not secure enough. Any help would be appreciated, cause we’re stuck with this issue. Is there any way to debug it somewhere or have insight into logs?

Hi @jsaleniuk

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I’ve checked the logs from the tenant associated with your account, and I can’t see anything similar to the one you have shared. Have you checked logs in the Google Developer Console?
Also from what I’ve checked, it may be a Network Issue, but I honestly don’t know why it’s working on the MacOS simulator and why not on the actual device.


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