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ASP.Net Web API tutorial example issue



Hi everyone. since the above topic is mostly popular i think most of you who reads this know the issue.
I did the research and read bunch of threads regarding this issue still couldn’t figure out a way. And i’m kinda new to this area so i’m sorry if this is completely a question that can be solved by own.

Right now i’m facing two problems,

  1. Cant get Auth0 Web API example to get working with my project.
    The issue here is as i found so far from other threads is that im using OWIN 4.x. The problem i get with that example is this,

    And when i resolve that i get the error,

As for the solution i got is to use OWIN 3.x but the thing is my application is not only a web api but a complete web application that contains the web api inside that as well. And for the purpose of logging the user in i use another Auth0 library called Auth0-ASPNET-Owin. and for that usage requires OWIN 4.x. And bunch of other functionalities require that OWIN version as well. I was trying to find a way to push this web api configurations after my app configuration which are the configurations needed to log user using above library. So can anyone please suggest a workaround for this matter. A way that i can do both for my solution.

  1. Cant seem to get user information form the access token

So when im logging my user in, inside OnApplyRedirect handler (above library) i changed the audience to my api identifier. And im able to get the full access token from auth0 side. And im wondering that what is the way to query the user information from that token. and if there is a way is there a handler that i can add some more properties to that token such as user roles (just an example).

If anyone have a solution or a workaround for this please let me know. An example would be much appreciated. I’v been stuck with this for like 2 days now.