App was suspended by google

Hi Guys,

I’m using capacitor with Angular 14 for my app, I use Auth0 as a provider, also I’m using a SPA in Auth0, as you know capacitor uses a webview in our applications, instead to use universal links or something like that to open the Auth0 universal login I’m using the same webview to redirect to Auth0 login page (passwordless btw), at yesterday we had no problems but, yesterday google said that my app was suspended. The reasons? I supposedly infringed the webview and spam politics, maybe because I’m no owner of Auth0 (I guess). And suddenly yesterday my Auth0 tenant crashed just when the google people tried to signin and also they send me a screenshot with that error. Let me show you both screenshots

  1. Suspend advisement

  2. Screenshot error auth0

Thanks guys, this is awkward because I published the app 2 year ago and never had problems