App has been Removed from Google Play Store because Google is Not Able to Test OTP Authentication

Problem statement

The customer’s App has been removed from the Google Play Store because Google cannot test OTP authentication. The application only supports passwordless SMS login and the customer sends the OTP code only to a limited set of countries.


Due to security reasons, Auth0 does not allow a passwordless test SMS account that can accept any or fixed code. If enabling a second connection with email/password login is not viable due to business requirements, the following ideas may be helpful:

  1. Use a 3rd party service that provides virtual SMS numbers and share an account from this service with Google to test sign in.

  2. If the used SMS provider has the flexibility to extend its functionality, it may be possible to implement an exception to forward the SMS code to an allowed list of numbers outside the list of supported countries.

If the workaround ideas do not help, please leave feedback to our product team.