App Authorization when using db connection

In my app, I have db connection implemented (the standard one from Auth0).
When a new user signs up, it asks for authorization:

Why? It is understandable why you need to authorize for social connections, but what is the point of this in the case of db connection?
Or am I missing something?

hi @shurika thanks for your question and welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Here’s a link to our documentation surrounding user consent and how we divide apps into first and third-party to determine consent.

If you’re looking to sidestep the user consent, only first-party applications can skip the consent dialog, assuming the resource server they are trying to access on behalf of the user has the “Allow Skipping User Consent” option enabled.

Hope this helps, thanks again for reaching out!


@colin.coutts thanks for the clarifications.
Looks like I resolved it. My API resource was not marked as “Allow Skipping User Consent”.


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Glad you have it working now @shurika!

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