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API Explorer token doesn't contain read:anomaly_blocks scope


When calling the Auth-0 management API with the token from the ‘API Explorer Application’ I have an error which is that my token does not contain the scope - “read:anomaly_blocks”

The ‘Auth0 Management API’ permissions tab does have that scope listed.
The ‘API Explorer Application’ does have access to ‘Auth0 Management API’
The access token generated when ‘API Explorer Application’ requests 1 from ‘Auth0 Management API’ does not contain the required scope.

Can you let me know how I can configure this so that I can get a token with the required scope - “read:anomaly_blocks”?

This is required to check the status of a user’s IP address who is struggling to login to the system.

Hi @michael.baldock,

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Is that permissions actually assigned / enabled?

Hi Mark,
Thanks for getting back to me, I’ve had a look around the dashboard, and searched for clues, but I cannot find where to look to see the screenshot you’re sharing! Can you let me know where in the dashboard I should go to see if a permission is assigned / enabled?

The only reference I can find to the permission is in the settings for the Auth0 Management API. Here it just gives a description of the permission, not whether it’s enabled or not.

Your screenshot is from the ‘Permissions’ tab. Select the ‘machine-to-machine applications’ tab which is right beside ‘Permissions’, then click the arrow / greater than sign to expand the ‘API Explorer Application’ and there will be a dialog box with all the available scopes and which ones are enabled.

Ahh great! Thanks, I always saw that ‘greater than’ symbol as simply an indication the whole row was clickable, not that the icon itself was separate and revealed more information.
I see that the permission is not enabled, and I can update this here.

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Awesome. IMO that part of the UX is confusing … click anywhere else and it’ll take you to the associated client, but click the ‘>’ and it expands the permissions box. Could be better! :slight_smile:

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Guys I highly encourage you to place such product feedback through our feedback site:

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Feedback submitted along with a screencap of the behaviour.

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Thanks a lot for that Mark!