API Debugger not working as intended

I’m currently trying to use the API Debugger, however if I try to execute the login flow, it throws an error:

I have added the callback uri to the configuration because that was the original issue, but now it does not work at all.


Note I have set my configuration as stated in the docs, the audience has been set to the value in the API created from the dashboard and code in the response type.

In case it is of any help, this is the URL it’s trying to hit


Any ideas of what might be causing the error?

Hi @Oxyrus

From your /authorize request ,

I can see the client id as : Client ID: GIkKJ0PPJp78oXxS974K6r0ROLPCFGIE

That means in the Application configuration of the API debugger extension you have added this application(with client id : GIkKJ0PPJp78oXxS974K6r0ROLPCFGIE), you can find the application with this client id on your dash board.

You will need to add the call back url : https://digital-grading.us8.webtask.io/auth0-authentication-api-debugger in the Allowed Callback URLs of this application with client id : GIkKJ0PPJp78oXxS974K6r0ROLPCFGIE.

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Thanks Sidharth for sharing this solution!

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