Authentication API Debugger returning null access token

I’m using the Authentication API Debugger extension to generate a bearer token so that I can test my APIs locally.

I’m using a password/email login. Here is the configuration:

Now here’s the OAuth2 / OIDC tab where I click “OAUTH2 / OIDC LOGIN”:

This takes me to the domain to login with my database user, which I do.

Then I see this:

Now when I check the token in, it says Invalid Signature and it won’t load properly. When I try sending it in an API request to my app, it says invalid token.

Hello @latomaine welcome to the community!

Thanks for the detailed description.

Are you including an audience in the config and subsequently request?

My guess is you are getting back an opaque token - You’ll need to include an audience param in order to get back a JWT access token.

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