Access token is null when using Authentication API Debugger with password grant

Hi. I’d like to implement a SPA with an API. I found a great tutorial which is looks like fit to my purposes. At the moment I’d like to test my API with an access_token that was acquired by my SPA. For this I found the Authentication API Debugger where I’m able to authenticate my users using SSO and Password Grant. My problem is that I’m not getting access_token when I’m using Password Grant. I’m getting the proper id_token for my user but the access_token is null.

For the configuration in the Application dropdown I choose my SPA and for the settings I add the API’s audience. When I’m using SSO for another user I’m able to receive an access_token.

Do you have any idea what should I missing or what am I doing wrong for getting null value for the access_token

  1. have provided your api as an audience with permission at the time of login?
  2. if not you use get access token for more help

hi. thanks for the response. as I mentioned I added the audience of the API. If there is no audience I’m not getting access token for the sso authentication either. so because the sso is working and providing access token I’m suspecting something else