API authentication with my own users but wanted to use Auth0 roles

Hi All,

I wanted to use Auth0 for my API application (C# .net core), but i need to have user management with my front end application (angular 7) only. Can i use role base authentication with API application only… please guide me for this.


Hey there @tejashri!

Let’s start from the beginning! Can you describe a bit your usecase, a system you’re trying to build overall so we can guide you the best way possible. Any context in terms of system functions / language stack etc. will be helpful!

Hi @konrad.sopala,

I have a web application whose’s back end is in ASP.NET core 2.0 (C#) and front end which uses APIs of backend application is in Angular 7. I have my own database at backend for user creation and management, I don’t want to replace these with Auth0 login/user management, but I want to add authentication to all my APIs on user role basis.

Hey there @tejashri!

Sorry for delay in response! Not sure if it will be doable but you can try mixing it up with our Authentication API then:

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