Can i change user roles Auth0 from my Web App using SDK or API?

Hello. I am developing two Angular web applications (Web Site and Admin Web Site) for a client and i would like to know if i can set or change Auth0 user roles from this application using some SDK or API.

One use case is this: One user creates one account using the web site and make a request to upgrade his user from regular user to student user. Then one administrator using the Admin Web site receive the request and pressing a button he makes the change . That button must to connect to auth0 to change the role of that user. Is this possible? How could i do this?

Thanks a los for your help.

Hi @orozcox, welcome to the Auth0 community!

Have you tried using the Assign roles to a user endpoint of the Management API?

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Thanks, i tried and it works!
Now, i would like to know how to recover the roles of the user during the authentication:
Is it possible to load them in the token?
Can i add a role to the user during the authentication process?

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