Any plans for a koa-jwt-authz?

I noticed that there is a but not a koa (2) equivalent. are there any plans to create one? If not I would like to create one and possibly have it transferred to the auth0 team? LMK what would be the best approach.

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Hey there @mikyoengine!

Let me reach out to appropriate team to check if we have bandwidth to do that! I’ll get back to you soon!

Hey again!

As far as I’ve checked we currently have no exact plans for creating koa equivalent as our engineering team has different priorities however there is one thing that may get you interested which is our guest authors program (paid):

it’s a program for someone who wants to develop some tool using our stack creating a repo + writing some blog post about it. Let me know if you potentially will be interested in something like that!

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ll create the module and reply to this thread for any others that are interested.

The guest author program seems like a great idea! The module might not be worth an entire blog post but our setup is quite unique with K8s so I might submit an idea once we have everything working. Thanks!


Perfect! Make sure to add to it Show your Auth0 tag!

Hey guys!

I created one (It’s is very similar with the Express’s version):

I hope it helps!



Woooohoooo! Great job @lagden!

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