Go-jwt-middleware V2 is now in Beta

We are announcing the beta release of go-jwt-middleware V2, our SDK for checking and validating JWTs in Go applications!

The V2 implementation of our go-jwt-middleware is a big leap forward from our V1 implementation. Updates include simplifying the JWT library interface, support for JWKS, and much more.

We’ll leave the beta running for 30-60 days before moving to general availability. We need your help to get as many developers testing and experimenting with the lib as possible.

To get started, head over to GitHub and check out the latest release or the migration guide if you’re coming from V1.

For any comments and feedback, you can post them here in the Community thread or on GitHub. Thanks again, and we look forward to your feedback!


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Is there a place where we can read about the details of v2 vs v1?