KOA Integration

Please provide support of auth0 library integration with KOA

Currently there is an auth0 library in passport but it has been deprecated in favor of express-openId-connect. However, not everyone wants to use express. It would be great to have a KOA library or a generic library that could easily be tied into KOA or other frameworks.

Hi @stephen.fowler,

Thanks for taking the time to create this feedback request.

Let’s hope it attracts as many votes as possible to have a library for KOA!

Please don’t forget to vote for this request.

Have a great rest of your day.

Thank you.

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Having official support for Koa would be amazing. I really hope it gets the traction it needs to make it real!


I am in the same situation. I’d like to have koa + auth0 + passport stack and it is disappointing to not see koa on the list of maintained integrations. Please support koa actively too.

Thank you for adding your +1s to it!