Announcement - Auth0 Services Down

Hey there everyone!

We’re experiencing an outage and there can be some issues with interacting with our stack. We are investigating that and will update you as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience!

All on that front here:

FYI, returns an Application error.


Hi @dak2009,

The engineering team is working on getting the status page back up as well. You can follow the progress on the twitter account or the direct link to the incident Increased errors in Auth0 • Auth0 Status Page

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Any alternate way to authenticate which might work in the current scenario ? badly affected in last 4 hours.

We are on the same situation here. I can’t imagine how a company like Auth0 doesn’t have a disaster recovery plan for situations like this one or why they don’t have a multi-region deployment to move traffic from an affected zone to a healthy one. Dashboard console down - #6 by howard.em

At this level we would expect some kind of Chaos Monkey Engineering to solve big service disruptions with minimal impact on the customers as part of their development process.

I wanted to share a status update in this thread.

We have now restored the affected regions of Auth0 for US-1, Support Center, and the management dashboard. Our User Search v3 service has been enabled and the data is catching up. We will update here once all data has been brought up to current.

Keep an eye on for the latest on the scenario and again we apologize for the situation.


Once more sorry for all the inconvenience! Please let us know if anyone still faces some issues regarding that!