Allowed Callback URLs field limitations?

What is the string length limit on the Allowed Callback URLs field?

Hey there Steve! Let me find it out!

Hey there Steve!

So as far as you use less than 100 URLs there is no characters limit and everything should be fine :slight_smile: I will let you know in the future if there are any changes to that!

Saw you had a multi-tenant app with many subdomains and customer domains mapped and this exceeds 100 domains, what are my options? Enterprise?

That’s a good question1 Let me reach out to appropriate team and see what they have to share on that front!

Thanks and perhaps you could share the answer here also How come "Allowed Web Origins" does not allow wildcards?

No new public info on that front. I’m still waiting for our dashboard team for the info on field limitation

Ok, thank you for following up.

No worries! I should have the info by today’s / tomorrow’s evening! Will share it with you as soon as I have it!

Yep so the team confirmed the info I already passed which is in the message I marked as a solution. In terms of multi-tenant apps I highly encourage you to visit that guide:

So what happens when I exceed 100 domains? Is there an enterprise option? Still feel that wasn’t answered.
After reading that article it more talks about carving silos around groups of users, not about multiple external domains pointing to the single instance. Say I created an Auth0 app per domain, what’s the limit on the number of apps (providing I can create an app from the management API).

Additionally i’ve continued a related question here How come "Allowed Web Origins" does not allow wildcards?

There is no hard limit on that field it’s a recommendation. There’s just no guarantee that it will be unrestricted forever. Enterprise doesn’t help here.

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