Problem with wildcard subdomains

We are creating a portal that will have a subdomain per client eg

In my Auth0 Single Page Application Client I have configured Allowed Callback URLs, Allowed Web Origins, and Allowed Logout URLs to include -> https://* (as is indicated in the text under the textbox)

When I browse to the URL ‘’ I can sign in using my user account, but when I get redirected back to my site I just get a blank screen. When I use F12 to inspect network, the authorize API call fails with the error message: invalid_request: The specified redirect_uri ‘’ does not have a registered origin.

Has anyone else encountered this problem or know how to fix it?

As I see it, wildcards are only allowed for Allowed Logout Urls and Allowed Web Origin, but not for subdomains in Allowed Callback URLs. The wildcard hint also isn’t below the Allowed Callback URLs input field.

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