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I have a use-case where I am required to only use the username(not company email address). When the redirection happens, it expects it to be only username. How do I modify the universal-login page to achieve this?

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Unfortunately, it’s not possible to force the login page to require only the username. By default, when logging in with a database connection with the Requires Username feature enabled, the login page allows the user to provide either an email address or username to log in. This cannot be modified to require only the username. See below:


As a workaround, you could ask the user for their username before redirecting them to the login page and passing it in the login_hint query parameter of the login URL. Doing so will prefill the username/email field with the username.

For example:


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Hi Rueben, Thanks for the reply. I was thinking somewhat similar where I would capture the username and then write some custom code to perform the redirect. However, I could not figure out how I would get the value of the state parameter in the above query. Can you please help?

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The state parameter is a unique and non-guessable value associated with each authentication request. If you are using one of ourAuth0 SDK’s, then you should be able to call the appropriate login method with the login_hint query parameter, and it will automatically generate the state parameter for you.

In case you would like to test the login functionality and don’t require a specific state value, you can pass a random string such as state=xyzABC123 in your state parameter.

For more information about the state parameter, I recommend checking out our documentation on State Parameters.

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