All Introverts Are Shy — and Other Introversion Myths

“Exploring the positives and negatives of being an introvert in a world full of noise”


Great post! It took a long time for me to understand my own introversion, understanding why I seemed so outgoing “here” but so closed up “over there”. Eventually understanding that some situations are just exhausting for me, and knowing what those situations are, has made a big difference.

Introverts of the world unite! (individually, from our home offices, maybe over discord or something, totally optional, no pressure)


Thanks, Mark!

That’s a common theme that I’ve come across when talking to people about this. Many of them, including myself, kind of knew that they were introverted but didn’t know that it had a label. Like you, it’s taken me a long time to realize what it meant and getting to know myself more than anything, as well as what situations to embrace and which to avoid. Also, learning that it’s OK to be an introvert :slight_smile:

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