Aggregating multiple users for the same access

I’m need to know if AUTH0 can solve a problem I have.
My company have 50 users, each one with his own e-mail. The system they need to access have only 5 licenses, all of them nominal.
What I need to do is group the users into 5 groups and use AUTH0 to convert the nominal access to a group one.
In that case user John Smith would use his own e-mail ( to log with AUTH0, but when AUTH0 effects this access on the system it would use the group user (, and the same with all other users from the same sector five.
Is it possible?
Thanks for the attention.

Hi @gabriel.alves,

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I don’t want to make assumptions here … are you trying to do this to bypass your 5 user license?

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Hello Mark,
Thanks for welcoming me and for replying to my post.
In any way I’m trying to bypass the number of licenses, only to organize a practice that is allowed by the system.
The system is a BI that allows 5 simultaneous connections to the same license, and it doesn’t oblige them to be nominal. It’s up to the client to decide who can use the license and if its going to be used by a group of different people.
My problem is more of governance of access, I want to know who of that group of people that is going to use the same license is using it more often. In a way I want to nominate who accessed a generic license.
Is it possible?

Thanks for the clarification. It sounds like your BI system allows 5 concurrent users and the first five who log are the ones who get access. Further logins are blocked until one of the 5 users logs out.

I’m not sure if this will help but if you just want to know who is using the system the most you could maybe create a rule that adds and increments a counter for number of logins to the BI app in the user’s profile. Something like (this code is not complete or tested):

function (user, context, callback) {
  if (context.clientID === '[clientID of the BI app]') {
    user.app_metadata.bi_login_count = user.app_metadata.bi_login_count || 0
    user.app_metadata.bi_login_count += 1

    auth0.users.updateAppMetadata(user.user_id, user.app_metadata)
        callback(null, user, context);

Thanks for the help Mark, and sorry to take me so long to give you a feedback. I wrote an answer to you 3 days ago, but something went wrong and it didn’t show up here in the forum.
Your interpretation is almost correcct, only that the system allows 5 concurrent users in each license I have, and I have 3. So right now I could have 15 users connected at the same time, but they need to log on in groups of 5 for each license.
I was wondering if AUTH0 could manage this nominal access for each license I have, so I could group the users by name login on each license directly.
Is it possible?

I’m afraid this is stretching the limits of my expertise. This feels like something should should be managed within the licensed app. Maybe you could track concurrent users in an external database and reference that database using a Rule but that starts to look pretty ugly and fragile to me.