Admin Cannot Login to Dashboard - Error "access_denied User is not Part of the Organization"


When logging in, the login flow appears to be working without an error message. However, the admin is redirected back to the login page.

The network log on the DevTool (Web Inspector) shows a record:**access_denied**&error_description=**user**%20xxx%20**is**%20**not**%20**part**%20**of**%20**the**%20yyy%20**organization**&state=...

Error description:

access_denied user is not part of the organization


The Centralized Management feature is enabled for the subscription, and users who belong to the subscription need to log in via the Team.

If a user does not belong to the Team, it rejects access.


Please ensure that the user belongs to the Team and that the login is happening via the Team.

Alternatively, disable the Centralized Management feature.