additionalSignUpFields setup

I want to try using the additionalSignUpFields. Where is this configured? I looked at the docs, but I don’t know where to set this up. Do I place this in var lock in the template?

Hi @ehodges2004

You may find some help here [Lock Configuration Options].

In my opinion No you don’t have to place it in the (var lock) instead you need to place it in the (var options).

Hope this helps!

Hi @priya.sharma.9362 ,

Thanks for looking at my question!
Yes, agree. Do I add a var options to the hosted page default template?
This works inside of lock:

    additionalSignUpFields: {
      name: "address",                              // required
      placeholder: "enter your address",            // required
      icon: "", // optional
      prefill: "street 123",                        // optional
      validator: function(value) {                  // optional
        // only accept addresses with more than 10 chars
        return value.length > 10;


Hi @ehodges2004

Though I am not an expert in this region,

But as you can see var lock = new Auth0Lock('clientID', '', options);
The third parameter to the object is the options variable.

Thus you can set up all your additional custom requirements in there and then pass that to the lock object as an argument.

Hope this helps!

Hi @priya.sharma.9362,
Sorry, I forgot to write you back. The hosted page I have been using didn’t have options as a parameter. I see your point now. Thank you for your help!